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Take a look at this photograph. There is absolutely no reason an angler shouldn't be out fishing during blistering cold weather like this. Fish, specifically a large school of huge steelhead trout, are holding just below the seam of the slot where the where the water channels into a narrow passage. As the only fisherman of the day it was like fishing in a barrel with all the hookups made. In the upper reaches I drift fished with some spoons, spinners, and corkies. In the pool I drift fished using some bobber-jig and fly setups. In the tail-out I jigged some cast-masters. Every one of those techniques produced though the temperature never got above thirty-five degrees.
Remember, fishing can be done anytime of the year regardless of the weather. For everything that puts fish off the bite there is something that can be done to counter those pressures to make each day productive no matter how warm or cold it gets.
When considering any fishing trip it's vital to think about weather conditions and what steps are needed to ensure personal comfort, safety, how long time will be spent during the hours of the day, which can include nighttime fishing. These weather variables are just some basic components that should not be overlooked to master the craft of angling.

Land huge fish on Four-pound Test Monofilament!
(4 Pound Fishing Line!)

All of these fish were landed using 4 pound test! The smallest fish here weighs 9 pounds with the largest one (Coho Salmon), on the far right, weighed in at 18.5 pound! It's possible to land huge fish using light line when you know what to do. In almost all cases and envirionments monofilament will out-perform braided line 20 to 1. The hardest part about using light line is having the confidence that the line will not break even as a massive fish flails about on the end of the line. Art and science plays a role in keeping these fish hooked up, more than that, the nearly invisible profile of the line keeps all species of fish focused on the offering and not the line, which can easily distract and thus miss a good strong hook-set.

Fish Physiology and Weather

Weather plays an integral part in the activities of fish regardless of whether or not it's in a fresh or saltwater environment. Understanding meteorology is key to being able to predict the stratification of fish according to each species physiology. When you know what weather to watch for hooking into fish "All" the time becomes second nature.

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