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How and why to Read Water

“About Reading Water”

Do you want to see what I see? Do you want to know what I know?

Do you want to catch more fish than you ever thought possible?
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Part of successful fishing is being able to “read water”. Look at the photograph. Can you “see” fish just beneath the surface? You’d be surprised at how often anglers cannot see a single fish. The science and art of reading water is far easier than you might think. It’s possible to fish waters with zero visibility once you know what to look for. You’ll be able to figure out where to fish and why fish are holding in any reach of water.
I'm getting a lot of emails about this photo and thought it would make it easier to show exactly how many fish are in the photo. In the above photo see how many fish you can spot. Think you can spot them all? Mouse over the image to see red dots identify just how many fish there are. It's amazing to me that most fishermen end up seeing far more after I show them how to spot fish. Try to remember that when looking for fish you won't see the exact outline you might find in a drawing. Surface undulations make it virtually impossible to see a perfect outline, that's where the art of reading water comes into play. This is but a single example of what it takes to spot fish.

Write me and let me know how your reading water is coming along.

Reading Water: Fish Holds & Fish

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Reading Water: Slots, Seams, Tribs...

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A brief example of Reading Water and what it means for increasing hookups

I took an angler out fishing one day to fish the salt (marine environment) and told him to cast at an approaching school of fish.
“What in the heck are you talking about? I don’t see a thing…just water.”
I’ve been reading water for about thirty years and simply took for granted that he could do it too. I pointed out particular ripples on the surface telling him that it was a moving school of salmon. He couldn’t believe, as a matter of fact he was so stupefied that he wouldn’t cast. Quickly, I took his rod out of his hand, cast, let the offering fall for a little acoustic action, felt a tug, pulled on the rod, and FISH ON! I gave my buddy back the rod and listened to his howls of glee as he battled the huge salmon.
“I’ve been seeing that for years and didn’t know it was fish! How did you do that?”
So I told him, and what do you know? He’s been catching fish hand-over-fish since then.
Want to know what he now knows? Want to know what I know? Want to look like a fishing expert even if you’re not?

Researched Data and Fishing Applications

In the last 23 years I’ve never gone to a body of water that didn’t have fish in it. Want to know how and why I'm able to do that when even the most technologically advaced boating equipment can’t? I created investigative fishing applications for fresh and saltwater environments with over 100,000 hours of research to back them up. These techniques/applications work for anyone and work everywhere. I’ve had the great fortune to watch seven-year old boys learn the art of Noodle-Rod Fishing within the span of only a few hours. Anglers who have struggled for years get fish on the hook within minutes after hitting the water. Anyone old enough to read can master these awesome fishing insights. Fishermen who have struggled in the past realize that in many cases the answer to getting a hookup is amazingly simple, laughably, and somewhat insultingly easy.

Global Fishing Applications
(Universal Fishing Techniques that work Anywhere!)

Fishermen across the planet are using this information to get an amazing amount of fish; which is why I so heavily endorse catch-and-release fishing. I would never tell an angler to put back every single fish, but consider this. If you were to keep every fish you hooked, fought, and landed you would exceed the legal annual limit within days of hitting the water and that would be it for the rest of the year. Where’s the fun in that?

Regardless of your fishing experience, all anglers can benefit from this site, book, and services. If you’re having trouble getting fish on the hook write or call and we’ll figure out what to do to increase hookups.

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