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Fishing for the Health of It

Anglers that cover water effectively and thoroughly are always in motion and that's good for any body.
A body at rest tends to stay at rest; a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Oarsmen get the best kinds of workouts with their arms constant movements.
The longer the fishing day is the more fat you burn. Bank anglers hike and wade. Boaters constantly have to jockey their boats around. Depending on who's in the boat anglers will take turns navigating rivers, coves, and inlets because it's a lot of hard work just to keep the boat still enough, and quite, not to spook fish and make good casting presentations at the same time.

If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle then fishing might be the thing for you. You get to workout without all the hassle of going to a gym; not to mention that it’s fun. If you do it just right there is the added benefit of taking a fish or two home. Eating fish, in general, lowers cholesterol, is high in protein, reduces the risk of heart disease, and increases vascular performance. Reasonable amounts of fish consumption may increase longevity adding years to any lifespan, regardless of age.

“It’s an interesting fact that many authorities of fishing almost never talk about the health benefits of angling. The physical act of fishing increases the heart rate to a healthy pace, burns calories, tones muscle, expels oxidants, tightens skin, and improves the cardiovascular system increasing circulation for the entire body. Ultimately, time spent fishing manifests itself as you become physically fit gaining strength at the same time. The list of healthy reasons to go angling goes on and on but one of the best reasons is to battle flailing fish on the end of the line. The heart-pounding experience of a fighting fish actually becomes a workout.
Angling for the health of it, overall, improves the quality of life to anyone willing to dedicate him or herself to the craft. The fitness of fishing creates energy which is perfect for doing just about anything else beyond the scope of being in the great outdoors, and that means Metropolitan anglers don’t have to travel far to experience the same effect that someone fishing in the deep dark woods does. It all works out the same. The action of angling, wading, boating, and fish-fights combine all the elements necessary to burn off unwanted excess calories. If you want to get fit and feel great then fishing is something that should seriously be considered, and the fact that it's fun makes the choice that much easier.

The mere act of cranking over the reel handle thousands of time expends an enormous amount of energy.
It’s possible to battle a flailing fish up to an hour at a time, especially when using light line on large species. Many species of fish will bolt too and fro when their hooked, and a wading angler must bide time and counter thrashing fish by moving closer to the bank or wading downstream in the hopes of coaxing the fish into some slower water. As anglers “fish” they’re getting the same kind of physical training found in many gyms. It’s an aerobic, anaerobic, and strength endurance all on the same fishing trip.
I never feel guilty about missing a day on the gym when I know that there’ll be a long day on the water.

These anglers must resist water currents, slippery rocks, and fight fish all at the same time. It's a great workout.
Here two drift-fishermen drift the same body of water, though the one on the right is busily battling a huge salmon on the end of his line. Wading in river currents puts constant pressure on angler’s legs, feet, and lower back. When a fish strikes wading anglers must battle on two fronts: one to keep erect, without slipping on algae covered rocks, as the fight progresses and then to carefully walk to an area safe to land the catch.


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