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Commercial/Tribal Poaching?

Massive gillnet that was being illegal used to capture, kill, and steal a run of salmon.

The gillnet in the photograph is that of an illegal tribal netter. He fled the area the moment he saw me taking pictures of him. I called the authorities (Game Warden, State Patrol, City Police, and Head of the Tribal council) and told them where the offense was taking place. The Tribal council leader was genuinely pleased he had been notified. It was later discovered that the Native American who owned the net was actually from a different tribe altogether. With the serial numbers on the buoys of the net it was very easy to track him to his house where game wardens made an arrest.

Keep unscrupulous Commercial and Tribal netters on their toes and honest. Though there aren’t many offenders, huge portions of poaching fish totals can reach into many thousands of illegally caught salmon per offense, which is actually done by "some" Tribal and Commercial rogue netters. In some cases, which I have personally seen, these illegal netters will gut female fish and throw their dead bodies back into the water in an effort to hide the carcasses. When they catch male salmon, these same poachers will kill them and throw them back into the water or simply toss them onto the beach. It is a massive problem and a monumental waste of honest taxpayer’s natural resources.
Check out their annual regulations and take note if you spot illegal netting near you and report them immediately.


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