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This beautiful chrome hatchery fish was hooked during the heart of winter when temperatures were frigid and the water was murky. Here is a prime example that fishing during harsh weather and water conditions can still produce some outstanding fish. Monitor hydrographs for ever changing water conditions but don’t let the information prevent you from hitting the water with every little fluctuation. Be aware of what rivers and lakes are doing without letting the information make you gun-shy about fishing where water conditions look like they “might” blowout. So long as something can be learned from each fishing trip, no time out in nature is wasted making all preparations and efforts worth it with or without fish hookups.
Note how this fish is “tailed” rather than netted. Because I was in the water knee high I was able to successfully grab onto this fish without the threat of losing it. When releasing fish back into the blue “tailing” is by far the most effective way to ensure that scales are not lost and gills are not damaged. Since this particular fish had wrapped itself up with the leader and mainline, I had to take the time to carefully reverse the spinning process before letting her go.

Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring; Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout can all be caught literally year-round!

The amount of fish you'll be hooking into will blow you away!

All the gear necessary and the knowledge needed to get fish on the hook all the time will set you apart from everyone on the water. If instructions are followed correctly, fishermen can spot you out of a line of anglers over a hundred strong just by the techniques, gear, and garb your using and wearing; that's how distinctive my fishing techniques are, but the most obvious nature of all these variances will be the amount of fish YOU WILL hook into. Other anglers will want to know what it is that's getting you fish as they stand there skunked!

Fluctuating River and Lake levels can have a profound effect on fish behavior. Before heading out to any body of water it’s imperative to make sure that the water is “Fishable”. It’s entirely possible that by the time you get to your favorite fishing hole that it could be completely Blown Out, especially if the hole is significantly far from where you live.


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