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Review from Nick in US: so im a 14 year old kid that read this book (Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets) cover to cover in about a day and a half. my first thoughts were to rig two of my five rods which were my two spinning rods with the exact rig ups in this book then i proceed to rig my other two rods my abu garcia 5500 c3 ambassedeurs with my rigs, the next day i went to my secret hole and fished for six hours and landed 15 on Timothy's rigups and 3 on mine so this book put a ton of fish in my freezer and if you say it didn't help you did something wrong and i give it a five star review for that purpose thanks

Nick Taylor

Comment from YouTuber in US: I've watched several of your videos and would like to thank you. Would these methods work for bass and such on similar flowing rivers and if so how about in a kayak? Would it be best to use a float and let it coast down at the same speed that I would be traveling? Or is it possible to use a trolling method? If I am in a kayak would I still want to cast upstream and bring it back towards me? Thanks a lot

Questions from Chris in US: I was just wondering how many days out of the week do you fish? Answer: I'm working on multiple platforms right now, but when I hit the water most of the time it's during the week...about 3 to 4 days. Those are some long days too. I plan out where I'm going, the gear to take, how long it will take to get there, and then fish until there isn't any light. From planning, to execution, to fish is about 18 to 20 hours each day...and then I do it again. The funny thing is I release almost all the fish I catch. Most of the time it's about research and ways to make it easier to fish for the rest of anglers so they don't have to commit to those long hours.

About Answer to Chris: I don't usually post answers since their personal and vary by need, but this general question, from Chris, was a pretty good one and thought many anglers would benefit from the anwer. Fish On and Tight Line, TK

Questions from Cory in New York: Hey Timothy, my name is Cory and I have just started getting into drift fishing and fly fishing for trout. I live in Upstate NY and I have been attempting to catch trout and steelhead in the lake ontario tributaries with little to no luck. I have been reading and researching online and talking with other anglers but I cannot seem to produce fish. I am buying all of the things I have been reading about and attempting all of the things im seeing in videos and no luck. I still enjoy being out in the streams either way, but its getting discouraging not coming up with any results everytime I go out. I cant tell if I am doing something wrong or if there just arent any fish in the stream. I have been drifting yarn eggs, trying jigs, trout worms, trout beads, everything that I have been reading about and still no luck!!! I came upon one of your videos and you had posted a comment about knowing 86 different spots and to message you and you would share the spots. so I figured that maybe I could send you a message and possibly you could shoot me some pointers or some kind of set up that might help me start actually catching some fish. your videos are great and you are an inspireation. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Cory

Question from Tom in Alaska: Hello, I am interested in taking a friend who is about 63 years old and an avid fisherman on a 3-4 day fishing trip. I live in Alaska and he lives in Arizona. He has visited Alaska 2 times with great results. Do you have some ideas? The trip would be in mid June (ideally), and a birthday gift from his wife. Thanks. Tom

To the left is a trio of great looking 2011 winter steelhead! Review from Ward in Oregon: Hey Timothy, It's already happening. Yesterday, after limiting out before 12:00, I had another fella comment that I was "lucky", cause he had talked to several fisherman who said it was a terrible fishing that morning. But using your methods I yanked three nice steelhead, and Olga had 2 on but couldn't get em in. We have had bigger fish this season, the ODFW guy we talked to said we're having a 2yr ocean run and the fish are almost all 26 to 36 inches, which is large for this river. I picked a good time to get to know you and your book....lol. Ward and Olga. (Photograph by Ward and Olga Walker)

Review from Theron in Washington: Hello Timothy, I just wanted to send you a couple of lines. I started reading your book and It is very well written. I am impressed with the effort you have put into being a writer and a fisherman. Theron

Comment & Review from Ken in Washington: Your observation about'horsing them in' is dead on. Too many anglers use salmon methods on steelhead, especially fresh steelhead, and end up giving another angler an opportunity to hook the same fish. Some don't understand that steelies have more strength and power than their body size represents. They also don't realize how many subtle bites they are missing by using heavy line. I feed fish for a living, but I don't want to feed them eggs or sandshrimp all day on my day off! When you have been casting 12 or 15 lb test for coho or chinook, and you go after steelhead with 10 or 8, it's a whole new ballgame. But, that is the challenge I enjoy. When I catch a steelie, it is after reading the water, stalking the fish, hooking it, and avoiding the hazards and obstacles the river and the fish throw at me. One fish in my creel, or even 1 or 2 good battles that I lose, make for a good day on the water. Later, Ken

Review & Question from Scott in US: Timothy, I love your book. I've read it and a number of other books recently trying to figure out where and when to find fish and what offering they'll hit. Today on the Skookumchuck, I saw a lot of places I thought fish SHOULD BE, slots, cover, pools, transitions, riffles, but only one where there were fish being caught. Unfortunately for me I wasn't at that one spot right up next to some rocks in a deep pool but a group of other fishermen were. I did finally get a spot there for 20 minutes and I saw some fish roll but it got dark and I busted off my hook. My question is how would I choose from all the good looking places on the river to fish the place where the fish are? I guess next time I will try to get on that spot above the pool, but that stretch of the river is full of good spots. Maybe that pool won't be producing next time. Is it just a matter of trying them all and rotating different rigs until you find the right one? Am I failing to consider something that would help me decide? Thanks, Scott Collier

Question from Giles in Michigan: I am new to the michigan area from Northern Cali. I am looking to find salmon and steelhead rivers and run timings of those rivers. Anything would help. Thanks Giles

Question from Lonnie in West Virginia: I would like some suggestions for fall/winter salmon fishing areas near West Virginia. My father usually goes to Michigan but with gas prices this year. . . We need an area that is not very difficult to reach due to disablility with walking any distance. Lonnie Phillips

Review from Steve in British Columbia Canada: Hi Timothy Kusherets, After carefully reviewing your site, we would like to honor you with HindSight Fishing Charters' World Class Website Award for surpassing our criteria of excellence in concept, design, layout, rich content and easy navigation. We acknowledge the effort you have put into your website; the time, hours and countless obstacles. Congratulations on producing a site of excellence. Best Wishes, Steve Mapua Senior Web Architect

Review Videos from Louis in Portland Oregon: Hi Tim, I have been enjoying your stuff on YouTube! This is what you wrote: I go where the fish are and in many cases Ill be the only angler on the water; even though everyone has the same access to them. Even if you dont want to or dont have the time, send me an email and Ill let know where they are. Do you know any good sponts outside Portland OR which would be fun to fish? I transferred from Alaska and I constantly look for place to fish but so far I am getting skunked. I fished in Alaska for 15 years! I really enjoy your material! Good luck in everything. Bye Louis Rychtarik

Review from Mitch in Georgia: I used that slinky weight for fishing Red Salmon in AK it dont get caught as much in the rapid rivers, cause there not feeding your just trying to get the line in its mouth and run it all the way to the hook and we always bought those weights off this guy who made them, it was extremly rocky and bouldery there, Great Weight Tip. Mitchell J. Toddy

Review from Island Hammer in Washington: Hey Tim. The fishing hasn't been good for me since I'm a new Dad and those duties have taken priority. However, I'll be out on the Sol Duc and Bogachiel up to March. I thought I should tell ya that your book was the first book I ever bought on Steelhead. Essentially it was my bible before my first time out. On that first trip, on the Bogie, I landed an absolutely beautiful 20 or so pound wild buck.

Question from Ryan in Washington: Hey Timothy, Thanks for you article on making slinkies, I am definitely going to go give that a shot. I have some questions about your double-rig setup. Are using two snap swivels inline with each other? I am having a tough time visualizing it. What is the advantage of this method over a three way swivel with a snap on it? Do you have any pictures of this setup? Thanks Ryan Pierce

Comment from Chuck in Utah: Even big brown trout will go down when you hook them, but if you let them think they got off, they will come back up stream back to the hole you caught them in,,,,, God I love fishing

Review from Paul in New York: I just wanted to say that I've really liked your site and book, they've been quite useful in getting to understand salmon and steelhead. Have passed it onto a few friends who are focusing on spin gear too. I like how your articles all have an underlying sense of keeping the peace, enjoying the day and learning something - values i subscribe to as well. Paul Cowell

Question from Cory in U.S.: i would like a book how much are they?

Question & Video Review from SR Magnum from Canada: Do you really find you catch more fish in the rain I am a diehard I fish in any conditions and the only diferance I find in the rain is you get wet LOL the fishing is the same mabye even slows down a bit the only species I find it will help with though is steelhead if they are in extremely clear water which I rarely fish (I hate sight fishing) nice vid though Check out my steelhead vids you will like them.

Question & Review from Eddie in US: hey my names eddie, this is my first season really fishing and trying to catch some salmon, but everything ive tried so far hasent gotten salmon on the hook, ive got a couple decent sized rainbow trout, but not much else, ive tried corkies just bottom bouncing them with some eggs,mikes shrimp scent, spoons and spinners and pink worms. ive been out about once a week since September but still nothing, i was just wondering would you have any advice for me on how to catch some salmon, i havent had a chance to get your book yet ,( im just a broke restaurant server haha) but i have read all of the articles on your site, many at least twice. im just wondering if you had anything that could put me into the fish? maybe its just a waiting game but anything would help, thanks

Great looking Winter fish from 2011!
An array of some impressive looking 2011 winter catches!
(Photos by Daniel Kratz & Mike Rietveld)

Review from Dan in Ontario Canada: You asked for some pics so i thought i would oblige you...thanks for writing your book. very informative...here are some fish from this season...3 are of average fish...1 is of my friends personal best lake trout! (To the left is a great looking 2011 winter Niagara River Steelhead!)

Review from Glenn in Connecticut: Hi Timothy: I bought your Drift Fishing Secrets book. I loved it. I really enjoy your detailed style of conveying the information in the book. I bought two other books on the same subject the same day. One I tossed...to general...and the other is not bad with large color pictures...but again, not detailed like yours. I'm going to the Salmon river in upper state New york this weekend to apply your techniques. Only thing, I will be using a fly rod and reel. One distinct difference I noticed in the three books is you say set the hook once. The other books say the steelhead jaw gets tougher in winter and setting the hook 2 or 3 times is safer. I seem to agree with you but don't really know until I see for myself. Any way...great book...it was highlighted and will be used often. Kind regards, Glenn

Question from Brian in Michigan: Hello im just getting started into salmon fishing. Next weekend will be my first time out. I have learned alot from your website. I was wondering if different color corkies work better in different areas? If so what would you recommend for Michigan rivers for salmon? What color combinations would you think work the best. Thank you for your time i appreciate it very much. Brian Rutkowski

Question from Kurt U.S.: I got a question regarding fishing gear. When you are fishing for steel head, Chinook, Coho in the streams/rivers and off the salt water beaches what gear (rod and reel) do you prefer to use and do you have a favorite that you do not leave home without? Thanks for your time and your website is awesome. There is enough information on your website to cause anyone to get a brain freeze over...Kurt


Olga with her great looking Steelhead!This is a grand day for Olga who skunked her loving husband Ward on February 12, 2011. These are two great looking Steelhead (on right)! Photographs by Ward and Olga Walker

Review from Ward in Oregon: Timothy, I just wanted to let you know that I am halfway through your book, and I've just watched all the videos you have posted. Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned. I'm the same way when it comes to golfing, I'm a 4 handicap and always enjoy helping those who are eager to learn more. Although, I would have to be a tour pro for the comparison to be accurate...lol. Anyway, I am chomping at the bit to get in the river this year. We have plans to go to the Imnaha, as soon as the steelies really get going up there. Should be any day now. Last spring was my wife and I's first ever attempt a steelhead fishing. We did all of it on the Wallowa, in the vicinity of Minam and caught 24 in the month of March, 16 keepers. I am really looking forward to putting your tips to use....because if the conditions are similar this year it could be more like 240, but I promise if we do, we won't be keeping 160...lol. I will let you know how we do, Thank you again, Ward and Olga....Pendleton, OR.

Olga and Ward sporting their catches!
Ward and Olga with a days catches and battles. Olga was convinced that one of her hookups was a snag then it turned out to be a lunker.

All of these spinners originally started out perfect and got fish, but once a nick was created by biting fish they were rendered unreliable at best.Review: (Ozzie, from Oregon, with his great looking catch on the right!) Hey timothy, well I did it!! Thanks for all your help and tutelage. I was Fishing the same spot , and probing the water . She liked it. First fish on with the noodle Rod, Boy I will never go back to anything else. Very nice. I used a light green corky and off white yarn, and salmon/ steelhead sent. I never would have caught this , without the information in your book and videos. So thanks a million, she is exactly 24inches. Let me know if you need a referral , You got it!! Thanks Ozzie
(Photograph, on right, by Ozzie Barlow)

Review & Question from Linda in Oregon: Hi Tim, Thanks for the great info in your book. I have tried to buy the berkley xt solar line but they have discontinued this product. Could you suggest another highly visible line? I fished the Sandy River last week and picked up 3 coho, my first from the bank. It's highly addicting. I am a third generation fisher Woman. My Mom would have been proud. But she probably had a front row seat. Thanks again for all that you share. Linda Palaske

Question/Review from Bud in Southern Oregon: Hi I just wanted to say thank you for all the great information you have provided on your site and channel. I will be ordering your book soon. I just this year got into Salmon and Steelhead fishing here in the Willamete valley. I cannot get anyone really to share any good info to keep away from the crowds and learn the proper methods for fishing in my area. I normally flyfish for trout but have never caught any kind of fish on a river. Do you do guided trips in my area? If so My wife and I would like to get together so we can learn some good practices and habits. Thank you kind sir. Happy holidays and good fishin to ya. Bud Timms

Review from Paul in New York: Paul's Angling Journal Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets by Timothy Kusherets – Quite an excellent read for people looking to learn or solidify their techniques for drift fishing on spinning gear. I appreciate Kusherets’ science-minded approach: the key to fishing successfully isn’t a mystery but rather can be learned and developed.

Review: Randy in New York: I love your website. I can tell how hard you have and are still working on it. The content is rich with info. I love to read it.

Review from Tony in Labrador Canada: Dear Sir, You have an excellent site.

Review/Question from Herb in California: Timothy Kusherets, I very much enjoy reading and rereading your book and web site. I read a few articles where you mention you sometimes have seminars. Do you have any planned in the near future ?


John with a great looking Coho, Silver also called Hooknose, Salmon. Review from John in Washington: Dear Mr. Kusherets, I read your book Steelhead & Salmon Drift- Fishing Secrets, and bought everything you recommended. I read the fishing report for the Puyallup on Friday, and it said it was bad because the river was low. I was determined to go anyway, because I knew you’re system worked, and if there was any fish in the river, I would catch them. I went fishing on the Puyallup river behind Fred Meyer. Before walking into the river, I looked for a place where the fish were holding. I found a slot. A branch was laying on the river, forming ripples and currents above and below the tree branch. I decided to fish about 10 feet above the branch, and let my line drift into the slot. I casted at 2:00 and quickly reeled in the slack. I slowly reeled in to keep tension on my line. When my line was at 12:00 I stopped reeling and placed my index finger under the line. Between 10:00 and 11:00 my line stopped moving, my index finger felt weight, I set the hook and quickly reeled in. FISH ON!!! About 5 minutes later I had landed a 6 ½ lb. hooknose silver. 5 minutes later I had another silver on before it got off. It was glorious. I’m very thankful you shared what you knew, and if I ever know what I’m doing I’ll make sure to tell other people too. I attached a picture of the fish I caught. Thank you. (Photograph by David Hicks)

Review from Roy in Wisconsin: Hello Tim, I took the time to read both " Battling Cougars in the Dead of Night & The Insvisibe" articles. I really enjoyed reading them. Having seen the pictures, I could envision what was happening in “Invisible”. Keep up the great work! I look forward to reading more.

David & Son with a gorgeous catch caught on the first time out after reading the book. Review/Comment from David in Washington: I just picked up your book, & read the whole thing. I used to fish about 8-10 years ago for steelhead, but gave up. limiting out on pinks was fun the first couple times, but they’re small & not to good for eating. –and not good for pictures! I’m buying the exact line & reels, & rod etc... you recommended & trying to follow your system exactly. Here's David with his son and his very first Coho just a couple of days later. It's a Beautiful Silver, Coho, Salmon! (Photograph by David Hicks)


Review/Question from Shawn in California: great book, quik question, when drift fishing with roe in the eggloop style, do you reel it in just like using the corkies or do you leave it in the drift? not plunking. . live n.ca one hour from sacramento ca, me and my wife went steelhead fishing on the american river for the first time ,but no luck , but learned alot ,used size 10 corkies , the guy next to us, told us to use smaller corkies im thinking size 14 because he was useing the smallist red bead with fluora yellow yarn ,a very small amount , in 15 minutes he caught a 10lb steelhead, my wife and i are beginners , on our next trip im sure we will catch one , your book is excellent . thaks for you time.

Review from John in New Hampshire: Hello Timothy, Thank You much for the info. I still find myself much like a sponge, never getting tired or bored with soaking up all info possible of specific areas of fishing which interest me which can be put to practical use.

Review from Hugh in British Columbia: Just on my way out the door to go on a fishing vacation, and thought I would take a moment to touch base with you. Thanks again for letting me publish your articles. I found each of them very informative and a good compliment to our site.

Review from Jeff in Michigan: I bought your book, "Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets" went home and read it cover to cover in an evening. Great stuff! I've always been interested in drift fishing steelhead/salmon, but until recently have not had the time or resources to get serious about it. I was captivated by all the information and knowledge you have shared in this book. It is my intent to challange your expertise - not to be a hard-ass about it, but to accelerate my learning curve.

Review from Brant in Washington: Read your latest work and must say that I found it exciting and remarkably good. I strongly encourage you to continue in your efforts because I believe you have the makings of an excellent author.

Review from Bill in Pennsylvania: Hi Tim, just got done reading the entire book you wrote on drift fishing. Let me tell you a little story. Before Christmas my son and I went to Oak Orchard in N.Y. for Salmon,steelhead and browns. The salmon were done, but plenty of steelies and brownies. A guy walked over to where we were all fishing and litterally tore up the hole catching fish after fish where there were at least 20 of us fishing. I talked to this guy at the end of the day in the parking lot, and he told me to get your book. He was in a hurry and didn't have time to show me. He said, he was sort of like me and liked fishing with the fly, but after getting turned on do drift fishing, thats all he does.Tight lines to you. Bill... I give your book 5 stars. It makes things simple, that some knowledge fisherman are reluctant to give out. Keep up the good work

Review from Jim in Oregon: I have been reading your book...thanks for the great information. I am a novice steelhead fisherman but you have giving me more confidence to just go fishing instead of getting intimated by the sport.

Review from Art in Vermont: I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much and I am happy to give you our award, as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work.
It was easy to navigate, loaded quickly, and gets your message out nicely. Very Nice website!

Review from Oman (bordering Saudi Arabia): Dear Timothy Kusherets. I like your book and web site and find them to be very informative. My only concern is the language used by you which seems a little bit hard for people like me from non English speaking countries. Anyway I found it useful. In Oman- where I live- we nead to cast for long distance when fishing from the shore, Do you know any divice or advice that can help me to cast as far as possible ? best regards A. Rahim (This particular review got me to thinking about placing international versions of the site. Links, flags, are now prominently displayed at the top of ever page so the world can enjoy Top Fishing Secrets in many languages.)

Questions/Comments from Michael in Oak Bay Victoria (Canada): Hello Timothy, Thankyou for the info on the web about tides-I find it quite fascinating and insightful. I do have a question or two. I keep my Boston Whaler in Oak Bay, off Victoria. I usually fish Constance Bank and Oak bay for winter springs, and fish the Sooke area in summer and fall. Prior to reading your info on tides, I have always focused on fishing slack tides—thinking that this is a) when salmon are more actively feeding, not having to fight currents, and b) it is easier to fish, ie., you can maintain a slower speed with your boat when trolling, not have to fish in just one direction etc. I have always known that salmon move during big tides, it only makes sense, but it is hard to fish then, ie., your boat just moves too fast I think. But you recommend fishing during these big tides. Can you give me some more suggestions on how to do this? Are you thinking sticking to back eddies? Also, out in the Juan de Fuca straight I do fish the tide lines in summer—and have more luck for pinks, sockeye and coho—but little with springs, which seem to stay closer to shore.

Question from John in South Dakota: Hello Tim,
I was on a website and they told me to contact you. I went to your site to have a look..........Can you recommend a guide that specializes in Walleyes on the Columbia River in Oregon???????? Any idea here. Also I would love to go on a trophy smallmouth trip sometime. Heard of a huge one recently caught in Idaho on a Reservoir there. Any suggestions for a great Smallmouth guide somewhere?

Question: Timothy, I was fishing for chinook at the skokomish river in washington sept 1st through the 5th. i noticed the chinook weren't biting the corkies( black hook with black corkie and black yarn.) Then i noticed a man drift fishing with a bobber and he had salmon eggs on his 5ft leader and they actually were biting it. i came home with a salmon a day using corkie and yarn but i was spending 6 plus hrs at the river. This other gentleman was there 1 hr a day and landing fish using the salmon eggs?.Do they acually eat there own eggs? Do the fish have any appetite during there journey back to the river? the coho and the chum were biting in the river though? i due own your book and i love it and thanks to your info i landed my first king salmon and it was my first ever salmon at that! thanks again. i am going on deployment with the navy so i will be back at it again next year.

Question from Pete in Great Britain: Hi, I just read your article on the perfect presentation. Do you have any specific information to share on fishing in clear estuaries for steelhead on the fly rod. I tie most of my flies. I have just spent the past several weeks without a hookup.

Question: From Tom in Alaska: Hello, I am interested in taking a friend who is about 63 years old and an avid fisherman on a 3-4 day fishing trip. I live in Alaska and he lives in Arizona. He has visited Alaska 2 times with great results. Do you have some ideas? The trip would be in mid June (ideally), and a birthday gift from his wife.

Question: from Howard in Illinois: Timothy, Give me a call if you might be interested in being a speaker at our fishing club, Arlington Anglers.

Comment:Rick From Arizona: You truly know your stuff!

Comment: Bryan from Washington: NICE Website!!! I see I'm not the only person to think so, based on the awards you've won. Stuff from the UK also, very cool!

Comment from Emilly in North Carolina: I have been having a long running argument with a friend who now lives in Pa about the wisdom of spitting on my hook. According to him, it is a superstition, one of which he has heard, and is a waste of time! Your website is one of the few places I have found that mentions it, so I was very happy to find that there is evidence to support me and my belief in this time-honored tradition, which is practiced religiously here at Wrightsville Beach, NC! Thanks for the info

Comment from Jeff in Oregon: Timothy I just want to say that you have a great website packed with info. I have learned a lot from reading articles on your site and have become a much better fisherman because of it.

Comment/Question from John Ohio: Would you like to come to Lake County ohio right on Lake Erie two minutes from some of the best steelhead fishing Ohio hasto offer. Personally teach me and one of my buddies. The two of us have consistently been geting better. In fact this year after looking through your website I have went from one or two fish up to sometimes 15 fish in a couple hours. You have more knowledge than anyone that I have seen out here. I am sure that there are a couple of the older gentlemen that have more than enough knowledge, but getting information from them is like pulling teeth.

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