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The Wind was howling, the research productive, and the interviews informative all in an effort to share what's most important to Anglers.


Posted by TopFishingSecrets.com on Sunday, September 18, 2016

Demo Reel: IT, UI, UX, Genre, Metrics, etc,. Posting for Professional Link

Posted by TopFishingSecrets.com on Thursday, March 17, 2016


o Content Producer and Web Design development, layout, UE
o Copy Writing/Editing/Photography/Video
o Headlines, By Lines, Sidebars, Annotations, Feature Copy, Feature Photography
o Editing (copy/software) Platforms: CMS, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Corel
o Extensive web development, accessibility, usability
o ANALYTICS: Google, Google Developers, Adobe, FB Insights
o METRICS: Image, Copy, Video and Embedded code. Metrics and Analytics weekly reports and make adjustments to ensure maximum exposure and the ability to monitor near-real-time traffic e.g., Benchmarks, Engagements, CTR’s, Demographics
o SEO best practices
o Embed Metrics: copy, photography, videos
o Video Production: UX for Codecs & Cross-Platforms: M2TS, MTS, AVCHD, MPG, WMV, MOV, MPEG4, AVI, MPG-2, AVC, Goal: to marry bits streams, audio and video, via Muxer to ensure an ideal marriage of cross-platforms of audio and video for focused streaming
o Photography: Cross-platform Editing e.g., Paintshop Pro X-6, CS3, CS6, ICloud, Pinnacle, QuickTime, html, xhtml, plug-ins, widgets, shareware
o Create daily articles, tips, photographs, cover events, call-to-action
o Copy, Editing, Photography, Video Production
o Produce Interactive Materials for audience participation
o Best practices and Insights relative to published content and desired traffic
o HTML writing and coding for front and backend use. Creating universal code application that has ease of user functionality for all browsers
o Testing use of applications using multi-media platforms on various OS/Browser to create a cohesive experience for users for Mac and PC.
o Monitor hosting actions, visitor information, technical support that can vary from visitors having trouble navigating, conflicting browser code/errors to establishing hardware troubleshooting.
o Content: Transliterate scientific vernacular into non-insulting speak.
o Video Headliners: that drive traffic to view and engage
o Copy/Photograph: Eye-grabbing Headlines and edit images to fit online and printed publishing
o Captions/Sidebars: summary content to accompany captions and sidebars
o Edit Content for brevity and entertainment value adhering to word counts
o Photo-editing and resizing to match site layout
o Continuity, Production (Pre-Post), Location Shoots, Editing, Audio, Animation, Stills, Chroma-key, Proxy, Tracks, Layout, Tracking, Chapter Points, Batch, Trim, Splits, Profiles,

Design, Layout, Concept Art


Concept Art


Technical Production

Layout Design



Outdoors Writing Basic-Bio and Fields of Related Studies

• Web Producer/Content Editor/Copy Editor: Top Fishing Secrets (.com, .org, .net, .biz, .co)
• Author/Photographer of Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets
• Published 520+ Feature Articles, Tips, Columns
• Public Speaker/Clinics/Seminars (Craft/Genre)
• Published 3,500+ Photographs (Slides, Film, Digital Images)
• Radio Appearances on G.A.O.T. (Great American Outdoor Trails)
• Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA)
• Craft Improvement Committee for Outdoors Unlimited
• NOWA (Craft Improvement)
• Technology Committee for Outdoors Unlimited
• 125,000 + hours of field /academic Research
• 2 years with WDFW
• Anadromous/Catadromous Species Expert (Inland/Brackish/Pelagic)
• Guide and Instructor for fresh and saltwater fishing
• Expert Angler of 37 fishing techniques: fresh/saltwater
• Tide Analysis Expert
• Nautical & Current Charts Interpreter for Boaters & Anglers
• Topographic Map researcher with strong history in Cartography
• Public Speaker for (Fishing/Writing)
• Clinics and Semiars for (Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing)

Scientific Fields of Study Related to Fish & Fishing

• Oceanography • Hydrology • Meteorology • Fluvial Processes
• Geomorphology • Limnology • Entomology • Cartography
• Fish Hatchery Development /Implementation/Maintenance
• Aquatic Biomass (Marine/Limnological)
• Marine Biology (Pelagic/Benthic Fish Species)
• Aquatic Species Inter-relationships
• Circadian and Circannual Rhythms of Pelagic Fish
• Vertical Migration • Aquatic Vertebrate Sensory Processing
• Cosmology/Astrophysics/Gravitational Influences

IT Knowledge and Publishing Experience

• Journalism/Copy Editing/Photo Editing • Expert at APA, MLA, and Chicago Style • Video production/Editing • Photography and Editing • Catchy Headliners/Interactive Content • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • Expert Understanding of HTML and XHTML • Source Code/Search-bot Pathways • Macromedia creation, editing, and publishing

Publishing Credits
Books, Magazines, Periodicals, News Organizations, Newspapers, Radio

3,500+ (Slides, Film, Digital Photographs)
520+ Articles, Tips, and Columns
Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets


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